Nima’s Everesting World Record Attempt

Get ready for an extraordinary challenge as Nima embarks on his ambitious journey to break the world record for Everesting!

The Journey Begins
The excitement kicks off on Wednesday, 21 August at 14:00, when Nima begins his quest. This is not just any challenge—it’s a test of endurance, determination, and the human spirit. Nima will be climbing and descending continuously, aiming to surpass the current world record for total elevation gain.

The Challenge
Nima aims to achieve an elevation gain of 92,000 meters, covering a total distance of more than 1,000 km. This will require 250 loops, with each loop having an elevation gain of 369 meters over a distance of 4.41 km. If everything goes according to plan, Nima will complete his incredible feat on Sunday, 1 September, around 18:00.

Follow Nima in Real Time
Thanks to the technology of, you will be able to follow Nima’s progress in real time throughout his entire attempt. Stay updated on his location, elevation gain, and watch as he makes his way toward breaking the world record.

Stay Tuned
More details will be available soon.
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Join us in making history and supporting Nima in his quest to break the Everesting world record!