Everesting at Uetliberg2

X Uetli
X Uetli

The next X Uetli event will be all about Everesting. Everesting for everyone who wants to try it, whether it’s a full Everesting, a half, a quarter, or even just running a few loops with us.

Saturday 31 August

Base Camp
Tramhaltestelle Albisgütli

Elevation gain/Distances
1x, +-370 m, 4.5 km
6x, ¼ Everesting, +-2220 m, 27 km
10x, +-3700 m, 45 km, Marathon
12x, ½ Everesting, +-4440 m, 54 km
24x, Everesting, +-8880 m, 108 km
28x, 10000, +-10360 m, 126 km

More details will follow in the coming weeks.